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The Save Elvaston campaign aims to halt Derbyshire County Council's plan to lease the estate to a private owner who plan to turn the estate into a hotel and golf complex.

The result of this move will inevitably see parts of this much-treasured public area closed off to the public for good.

Leading the campaign is the Nottingham Conversions who continue to campaign to secure the public future of the estate.

Join the campaign to keep the Elvaston Castle estate fully open to the public and find out more about the threat to the estate at:

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NEW: Click here to watch a three-part video demonstrating how public access to the estate will be restricted by the proposals and what other negative changes we would see on the estate should the council and developers get their way. Find out more...

Castle Gallery Take a pictorial tour around the castle and grounds to see just why Elvaston Castle should be kept open to the public.