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Videos - Proposed access restrictions

One of the most frequent claims made by Derbyshire County Council and developers involved in the proposed hotel and golf complex project is that public access within the grounds will be unaffected by the proposed lease and development of the estate.

However, it has long since been known by the Friends of Elvaston that, should the proposals go ahead, public access WILL be permanently affected and restricted. In addition, the needs for additional traffic to pass through the grounds, along with associated roadway developments, signage etc, will also have a lasting negative impact on the estate.

To illustrate the impact that the proposals will have on the estate and public access to it, The Friends of Elvaston have produced a three-part video which clearly and visually illustrates why these plans will change the Elvaston estate forever.

Please watch the three clips below and then visit www.friendsofelvaston.co.uk to help prevent the worst from happening. Thank you.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Join the campaign to keep the Elvaston Castle estate fully open to the public and find out more about the threat to the estate at:
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